Please get in touch with us if you have any problems with your AwQi product, we’ll be happy to assist you.

A manufacturer’s warranty is offered on all AwQi products and accessories. For information regarding the warranty coverage for your product and accessories, please see the table below.

CategoryDescriptionWarranty Period
AirNodes(True Wireless Earbuds)Main Device12 Months
AirNodes(True Wireless Earbuds)Accessories3 Months
Wired EarphoneMain Device12 Months
Data Cables24 Months
USB Hubs12 Months
HDMI24 Months
Thunderbolt24 Months


The AwQi warranty is exclusive to and non-transferable to the original purchaser of the AwQi products.

The warranty services are only available for product repair or replacement, at AwQi’s own discretion.

For warranty services to be used, a proof of purchase is necessary.

Visit Contact & Support to submit a warranty service request. Our customer support team will get in touch with you and make an effort to fix the problem.

We will make arrangements to pick up the gadget from your address for repair or replacement if the problem cannot be fixed over the phone or email. AwQi will ask you to self-ship the product to our warehouse and share the tracking information with the AwQi customer support team if a reverse-pickup facility is not available at your location. If you self-ship your product to us, AwQi will not be held liable for any loss or damage that occurs in transit.

Only repairs and correction of the reported fault shall be covered by the AwQi warranty. If a replacement is offered, it will only be with a device in comparable condition, packaging, and accessories included or not.

While AwQi will make every attempt to complete repairs as soon as possible, we want to be absolutely clear that we are not obligated to do so within a certain amount of time.

If a product needs to be replaced within the warranty period and is out of stock, an upgraded model at a comparable price will be provided. The consumer will not be qualified for a gift card or refund, and the warranty will remain in effect as of the original purchase date of the product.

Any of the following situations excludes the use of the AwQi Warranty:

The product is not used in accordance with the directions provided in the manual.

In case of any product damage, customer abuse, unauthorized repairs, misuse discovered, product attacked or damaged by pests, animals, or rodents in the home, accidental or incidental damage, liquids spilled on the device, device exposed to extreme temperatures, atmospheric conditions, water logging in the product, usage of a charger that is not recommended, any kind of cutting or severing of wires, improper or careless use, defects developed by reasons other than normal wear and tear.